Monitor Your Reviews

News Flash: The Review Champ Dashboard Saves You Time & Effort.

What happens now when you want to check your reviews? You go from one public review site to another…time and time again.

Review Champ relieves you of that headache with our easy-to-use client dashboard. Here’s what it enables you to do quickly and conveniently:

  • Check out all reviews from one source
    View them by public review websites (Facebook, Google, and Yelp) or in the order they’ve been posted
  • Compile customer email addresses and cell phone number for follow-up communications or marketing messages.
  • Import all or some of the names on  your customer email list into the Review Champ dashboard to save you data entry time.
  • Want the public to stop seeing reviews from one of your chosen public review sites? Just ask and we’ll remove it.
  • Let’s say you don’t have a Facebook account when you team up with Review Champ, but decide to add one later. Can Facebook then be added to your Review Champ package?  Of course it can.

During the enrollment process, one of our account representatives will demonstrate how everything works, including the dashboard. But remember: it’s easy to use because we know that’s how you want it.

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