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A New Way to Light up the Scoreboard.

Review Champ is partly designed to help you keep good customers and clients and grow your relationships with them.  That’s called increasing “customer share”.

Review Champ also helps you attract new customers toward the goal of increasing “market share”. It does so in a few important ways:

  • The more reviews you get, the more you’ll move up in the organic search engines.
  • More reviews also can mean more page one Google listings.
  • The better your average rating, the more organic clicks you’re likely to receive from the listings that feature average review scores.
  • No matter how customers or prospects get to your website, they’ll see your Review Champ widget. Many of them will click to see the reviews page.  More 4-and 5-star reviews means more phone or email contacts.

Review Champ: a new path to victory.

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